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Rushup Saturday

Started by Geoff N, March 09, 2014, 23:31:15 pm

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Geoff N

I would like to thank everybody who was at Rushup on Saturday for the very friendly welcome and help on Saturday and not laughing to much at my c^^p flying skills, I at least got the D60 maidened if not Ds'ed ,the less said about the landing the better.


Good to see you Geoff, D60 looked good.
Very ambitious maidening several planes in a single day. Never tried it, but reckon it would fry my brain; one is more than enough!

Real pleasure to have a lovely day (once clag cleared late morning, of course) with a warm wind & sweet backside with high shear.
And not to care about speeds, pure fun. :af

Summer pleasures, without the flies. :)


Nice to see and chat to you again Geoff (and Dave, also long-time-no-see) ... and good to see another gyro stab take to the skies.

Did you get much more stick time on the Sunday?

Geoff N

No Only one flight in very light wind which was from well SW. I think later on the thermals would have been good but I didn't have anything floaty with me.  I was feeling pretty wrecked after a night in Edale YHA. Twelve blokes in a dorm , the volume of the snoring was amazing. Hostel was good otherwise . So I drove back to Herefordshire

I did see a post on RCgroups  message 2620 by John Austin  regarding an aspect of Heading hold mode gyro and elevator compensation that had not occurred to me.

"In particular I found Hold mode to be extremely helpful in avoiding the necessity
of setting elevator compensation when using Camber, Reflex or Spoileron
Landing in Hold mode was far easier in a very gusty landing zone"


Interesting, I hadn't thought about that either. So you could set approximate elevator comp (or even, perhaps, none at all) and let the gyro do the rest. don't forgot the ear plugs if you stay again (or try the travelodge!)


glad you guys got some good air in the end.
Sorry about the rough night Geoff
Good effort driving all the way up.
Hope you get your knee sorted soon.

wonder how long these southerlies will carry on for. Brought loads of storms and floods, but no snow this winter and loads of really good flying.