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Allens VERY Slow build

Started by Allen the soarer, July 03, 2013, 21:24:27 pm

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Allen the soarer

This DS machine has been so long in the making that I can find any of the original thread  ::)

But at long last she is ready for a maiden on the front side

So thanks to Alex Mcmeakin for the very sexy wing and thanks to Abbo for the Opus fuse

CofG I have set at 90mm  $%&

Can anyone remember the Falcons CofG ?

Only just noticed my colour scheme could not be more sky coloured if I had tried  :banghead:
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When you can hack something old


Looking good Alan
That wing looks like a 2 servo. Not the best Idea for DS. Is there any way to make is a 4 servo wing? DS models fly best with a bit of weight (Helps get it through the shear layer and back up) and landing needs some flaps, and spoilers.

Steve Forbes still flys a falcon DS. I belived to be the only flying wing up till now. But he doesnt post. I will see what I can do.

Apart from him Mark Abbots and Mick (Isore) Evans both flew them. So they may have the CG for you.

What did you set the incidence to? DS planes like quite a bit. upto 3° on the dynamic 80. Not sure what the d60 is, but as its designed as a front sider too I would think a bit less. Also need to check what it is on the Kinetics 2m

Its always good to see people doing there own thing. I hope it serves you well.


Allen the soarer

July 04, 2013, 12:19:40 pm #2 Last Edit: July 04, 2013, 12:21:02 pm by Allen the soarer
The incidence is only 1 deg but easy to change on T tail
I have not added flaps as I wanted a nice "clean" wing and thought a large aileron moving a tiny bit would be less draggy than a little aileron moving a lot
I am hoping that landing in lift in 20+ winds should be easy without flaps  :xx
Don't buy something new
When you can hack something old


What wing servo are you using?
the issue is the force on the servo going through the shear.
when the model gets  over 100 your surface movement is half if not less your front side rates.
see how  it goes

Geoff N

"I am hoping that landing in lift in 20+ winds should be easy without flaps"

If its a hill with good front side lift, even going a long way down the front and coming back up the plane will still be in lift aqnd shifting. Keeping it very low and crabbing along the slope edge seems to be the way. If backside landing be sure to keep well below the rotor, The air is smooth down there but you are committed.
But I must say a model without flaps is rather attractive after the amount of dithering and fiddling and sleepless nights I've gone through doing the flap linkage on my Opus. Still the horns and servos are now glued in (for better or worse) and the links made.

Allen the soarer

Maiden at the Longman yesterday afternoon
Fountside only. Damn she was fast and yes she needs breaks  ;D
had one hell of a job getting her on the ground in one peice.
Great fun though, I need to make a few mods, c of g must be too far back coz even 5mm Evelator was very sensitive
servos are only 125s but the chace of me getting over 150 down here is quite low  :xx
Don't buy something new
When you can hack something old