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"Furballing" !!

Started by cambrad, June 25, 2013, 20:21:21 pm

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Nice little vid from a fun day dsing on MT. Wind was too far off for decent speeds so 3 foamies took over the darkside, otherwise known as Furballing !!
Great fun.

Filmed on mobile phone, but crank the volume and youtube settings up to 1080p.

Enjoy :af

3 way Ds at MT


Phew, no collisions!
JW (or Gulp?), M60 & Rampage. :)

Now, didn't one achieve an extraordinary speed..................? :ev :''


Finished work late in Marple this eve, so popped up to MS afterward on a speculative trip.

Conditions much the same as Monday, but missing the lads & the furballs, settled for a single DS flight of a couple of hours with only one walker & 2 pretty girl runners for passing company.

Loads of fun, though ultimately DS dizziness(in spite of lots of circuit variety), depleted TX battery, fading light & hunger stopped play.

But still wanting more..... :''