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January 25, 2021, 13:00:39 pm

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DS in Hampshire

Started by Matsanga, June 24, 2013, 14:35:07 pm

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My first experience of DS-ing.
My buddy Gaz was flying the plane.
I took the camera down the slope out of the wind to try pick up the noise the glider makes. Flipping impressive!
Kinda sounded like it was ripping through the air in the dip  :uk:

Here's the link to the video


Welcome to the world of DS!
Your buddy Gaz is a good pilot - those are 'egg beater' laps, more demanding on the pilot than conventional, bigger circuits.

Just returned from a great day at 'MS' (a DS site on Mam Tor, Peak District) with 4 excellent DSers for company. Not a chance of high speeds in the modest drive, but huge fun had by all. It's a mistake to think that DS is about record breaking; it is truly just the most entertaining form of flying. Acro & furballs add to the enjoyment.

Have fun, be safe! :af :)


Got a link to the site?

Rob Thomson

Never considered that as a DS option at butser - but thinking about it - it probably works quite well!