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December 05, 2020, 15:18:39 pm

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Windburner Mk III 48" moulded plank

Started by deckit, May 31, 2013, 13:27:40 pm

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Flying conditions were plenty good enough at TC today but landing conditions were particularly unkind, so didn't risk maidening the Burner .

Hoping for some compliant weather soon at Rushup.


With John's Burner (AUW 1.2kg, CG 36mm) & Eric's Burner (AUW 1.4kg, CG 35.5mm, 1mm negative reflex, & 1.5mm up & down elevator deflections) having enjoyed several frontside flights, got to do likewise yesterday at Rushup with reasonable lift in a NE'ly, 45* off the ridge.

Cautious maiden settings, CG at 35mm & elevon deflections on triple rates maxing 2.5-3.5mm tamed with 20-30% negative expo, slight negative reflex at the roots.

Having just flown the Stab Elite, knew there was sufficient lift.
The Burner was a floater in comparison, soaring way effortlessly in a climb that demanded rapid downclicks of ele trim - a surprising 14 in all to get it flying level.
Carved around prudently, not knowing just how much negative reflex resulted, but it was fast, quiet & produced unreal half-pipe pumps :af

Flight analysis at the sticks was limited by a preoccupation with the imminent prospect of slowing it for landing, in one piece, on the the energy-giving front slope; difficult enough with the M60 & Elite.
Lots of roundings deep into & along the valley, to the limit of my eyesight, failed to scrub off enough speed for an assured landing; but that proved academic when it got popped down by a burst of gnarly air as it hugged the slope toward the landing spot :''
Onto wet, soft grass & soil & no apparent damage on collection.

But some damage to tailboom under fin.

Flight's resulting negative reflex found to be:
Left elevon; 1.5mm down at root, 0.1mm down at tip.
Right elevon; 1.7mm down at root, 0.2mm down at tip.

Some fettling required to get it nailed, but it's going into the backside ASAP!


Bit of flight video in due course (thanks, Steve Rainbow).

Damage pic:


Dang, wish I could have made it yesterday. Sorry to see the damage to your Burner, hopefully a quick repair.
Glad it was drier for Steve than Wales was!

pike pro

October 13, 2013, 18:31:13 pm #44 Last Edit: October 13, 2013, 18:33:47 pm by pike pro
I was there to see the burner maiden,and i'll tell you it's a missile  :) graham was just cruising around with it,but it looked very solid in the air even with the wind off the slope,it's going to be one fast plank once it's dailed in and graham has tamed it.  :)


Common sense dictates another outing playing with CG/settings, but given it's far more likely to collect damage landing, I'll get it in the back & tune it from there:)



Awesome! Fantastic flier, as expected. Even that sheep looked impressed. Landing will be a lot easier of course when the wind is the other way round. Nice to hear Steve's voice on the video again, just like the old days...

Quote of the day "where's that diamond tape gone?". I have a mate who can sell you a spare roll or two...  ;D


The sheep were indeed impressed, it's not every day in their lives that a dayglow Windburner drops in 20 yards away for a sudden visit.
But I hope not to entertain any more in similar fashion :''

Not sure the frontside landings will be much easier in a SSWly in spite of a lot less lift in the approach, it doesn't appear to have any interest in slowing!
If its stall speed proves reasonable, a down-slope backside landing might be easier.

Ah, did I mention Diamond Tape?
Must have got the subliminal image mixed with that view of the bottom of the plane ;D

Hot Air

It was great to see the Windburner maiden. It flew very smoothly and was remarkably quiet. I'd love to hear what it sounds like after a few good turns down the back and she gets going.

It was really good to get up the hills again after about 18 months. Thanks for a great day out Graham and Jools. Hope to see some of you other guys sometime in the future. Getting a trip to Manchester is one thing. Getting one that also ties in with suitable flying conditions is another. I am seriously contemplating Jools' idea of leaving a plane at Graham's since I hardly ever use them here in Dubai.

Happy flying all.

He who dies with the most toys wins


Perhaps I misheard, but could have sworn Jools suggested you leave all your planes here for regular exercise to eradicate risk of blackwire ;D :ev

Return soon, hopefully for a DS session with everyone present :af


Congrats on the maiden G :af
Going to be a seriously fast plank no doubt and as i expected a handfull to land. Bet you are glad to get the first landing/arrival over with ;D


October 14, 2013, 20:39:31 pm #51 Last Edit: October 14, 2013, 20:40:39 pm by deckit
Just half-inched a pic of Eric's Burner off the  NE Regional board.
Worth a look, Eric's done some catchy - or is that 'canny' - posts :)


Since no-one's got anything fresh to look at hereabouts, I'll bore you with some pics of the Burner repair. :P

First, there was further damage, a hairline crack in the moulding where the bottom of the fin (RHS only) shapes into the boom.
That was just rubbed down to gelcoat & CA capilliaried in, job done.

Main damage, prepared for repair:


Holes drilled in splooge beyond ends of damage, & made an 'oversized'  fillet of v.thin ply & carbon cloth lightly CA'd together, ready to insert.



Fillet inserted, hung a little low to facilitate epoxy application, pulled up hard with the 4 drawstrings & the drawstrings taped-down to secure under tension:


Thereafter, resin-based filler (very strong!) added & rubbed-down with masking still in place.
Masking was masking tape over Diamond Tape, easily removed & totally protective.
Masking removed & tickled with fine emery for a final finish.
Not worrying a tad about cosmetics - this one is for fast fun & the only requirement is that it remains visible to a deteriorating pair of eyes.


Hoping to get a first few laps in tomorrow  :)


Proper Job  :af  Looked like key-hole surgery.
Wish I could go flying tomorrow and see the Burner in action :-\ Fingers crossed for the weekend  :xx


Good luck tomorrow G, hope somebodys there to get some video, wish i could make it down myself but heavy morning traffic and shorter daylight hours dont help !

By the way the Gulp has gone through another major rebuild since last ds outing with you on that strange day. It is now stronger than ever with a solid 13mm carbon main spar and 8mm subspar. Result is its even heavier now even though i have removed the ballast tube, removable ballast has become permanant ballast!! So 2 heavy ds foamies ready to go  ;)


November 04, 2013, 12:03:17 pm #60 Last Edit: November 04, 2013, 13:57:35 pm by deckit
DS maiden Saturday, with

AUW:  1.6 kg
CG:  35mm aft of LE
Reflex (negative/down):  RH elevon 1.7mm (root), 0.2mm (tip); LH elevon 1.5mm (root), 0/level (tip)
Rates: Elevator 3mm up & down, -15% expo (Mid of three rates, intended for frontside use)
            Aileron 2mm up & down, -25% expo (Lowest of three rates, intended for DS)
Flying Mode2/single stick.

Mid ele rate used mostly (brief try only of lowest rate) as there was an unexpected perceptible delay in response.
Ail rate proved much too high, the plane at speed rolling sharply with only a hint of input.

So landed out.
Backside landing was fine as the plane proved capable of flying at low speed, ran out of elevator only just before touchdown so missed a sweet, flat landing by only a few feet. Preferable to fighting to slow it down on the front.

Hardened the ele & softened the ail rates before re-launch, but didn't make the backside. While carving a gentle turn on the front, at the moment the plane was pointed directly at me it just shut-down & spun & rolled lamely over the wall & my head into the backside about 30 feet down.  No damage to structure  :co, & RX found powered-up on retrieval.
Seemed a classic case of signal loss but could be a loose power connection. Though I can't wholly dismiss the possibility of piloting it into a flat spin. All appears well within the fuz install, but facing the prospect of having to strip everything out to be certain.

Work in progress.....!

But a super-quick plane, with no apparent regard for air resistance :)


Burner once again ready to fly.
Last time out (a very long time ago.....) it managed to find with each wingtip, on landing backside at RE, the only two stones in an otherwise wholly grassy area :banghead:

BTW, the loss of control referred to in my post above proved to be just one of a number of incidents with my planes resulting from a poor quality soldered connection within my Futaba FF9 tranny, duly rectified.


August 24, 2015, 23:34:55 pm #62 Last Edit: August 24, 2015, 23:36:10 pm by hobster
Hey that's great Graham - hopefully see you on the hills again soon, it's been waaaay too long!


Certainly been far too long, Steve, looking forward to a session ASAP.
M60 will be RTF this evening, ready to re-integrate (sfap) brain & thumb.

Geoff N

Nice to hear somebody is still dsing. Have not dsed since November. C;;;p weather c;;p heart.
Hope to get heart fixed and certified for Skirrid end of Sept.
Good luck Graham


Good news all! Can't wait for a good rushup or skirrid day?., 😀


Quote from: Geoff N on August 25, 2015, 22:00:25 pm
Nice to hear somebody is still dsing. Have not dsed since November. C;;;p weather c;;p heart.
Hope to get heart fixed and certified for Skirrid end of Sept.
Good luck Graham

More appropriately, good luck & best wishes with your ticker rectification, Geoff.
Hope to see you fit & well at Skirrid this autumn.


Quote from: wdeighton on September 01, 2015, 23:53:53 pm
Good news all! Can't wait for a good rushup or skirrid day?., 😀

Bit off-message in this thread, but current forecast of N 12g25 looking good for fun frontsiding & a bit of cheeky backside action at the steep bit of RE.


Jools & I had a great day Saturday with winds stronger than forecast which sustained until we left late affy.
Included lots of laps as the back was rarely unsettled. Nice.

Jonathan W

Welcome back Mate.

Did you fly your Burner?

Hope to see you guys up a ds hill soon, preferably in the peak district  :af


Not enough wind for the Burner - following repairs I've put the CG slightly forward with the intention of breaking its invisible speed envelope &, based on an earlier flight when I tried a similar CG, it's a pig on the front & hence not fun to fly.

Just flew my M60, since departed after a punch-out at MS when it disappeared from view in perfect visibility & when only about a third of the distance from the hill of the frontside range flown in the preceding hours.