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December 05, 2020, 14:39:10 pm

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Half started / 2013 projects

Started by thermaled, December 28, 2012, 22:20:39 pm

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Yes, like you say Will, good that we are all trying out a few different things, and very pleased to hear from a couple of you what you are up to, thanks for sharing.  If I understand what you are going for on the leading edge correctly,  I have heard of it as a joggle gasket joint, could be a very good way to get some strength in the LE, and look forward to hearing how it works out.



You done that much over the bank holiday that you need a rest before editing and posting?
I managed to finish the k2m. And now working on some light carbon elevons for a hp60


Will, I wish you could make that 2 pairs of light carbon elevons for an HP60.  ;)


Quote from: deckit on April 03, 2013, 19:23:06 pm
Will, I wish you could make that 2 pairs of light carbon elevons for an HP60.  ;)

I got some 06 gram carbon on ebay. all used on a 45 bias and this is the last piece that will be long enough.

I have a wooden template to sand the balsa to shape so to make another wouldn't be hard.

my prior atempt turned out to be banana shaped in top view, so this time i put carbon a sheet of balsa, split it in 2, sanded the shape, and now need to carbon the second side and bevel. hope they come put well.


Quote from: wdeighton on April 03, 2013, 00:11:04 am
You done that much over the bank holiday that you need a rest before editing and posting?

I wish, had a rough couple of weeks, feeling better now and finally have some payable work again so will be a while before I get much time for another vid.


finished my lite carbon ailerons on tuesday night.
Just leaving it now for a couple of days do avoid epoxy reaction.

Also tried to lay up a stab fuz with 200 gram kevlar as the main cloth (Used 50mm tape) and some 95g carbon in the fin.
Should make more 2.4 friendly, and probably more 35mhz friendly.
Hope to lay up my first wing soon.
Plan is to create flanging boards before removing them from the mould. so this first set is lite'ish and the next will have a much better joint.

Hope you getting some done mark.



Hi Mark, Long time, no posts. Are all your half started projects now finished?
Thought I'd post a couple of pics of my 2013 project. Hollow moulded plank, about 60" span. Still some build to do and install radio gear. Hope it flies, aerofoil is unconventional.

pike pro

Very nice looking plank steve :)
I take it, it's all carbon to do them super sonic speeds ;D


ian h

Yet another excellent piece of workmanship from the Hobster stables. :af
Lots of research to work out the CG and reflex before the maiden Steve. :xx
If it does over 100mph you can call it the Plancton plus  ;D


June 30, 2013, 09:39:00 am #50 Last Edit: June 30, 2013, 09:42:05 am by wdeighton
Yes Steve

I am always impressed at the way you create the way you do.

Good luck on the maiden. C of G is going to be crucial.

Maybe a Bosley NW Maiden with the ferns to dump it into.

But back on topic What has happened to Mark? Has he burned out? Hope all is well with him?


Thanks for comments, all.
Yes, lots of carbon Jools  :) Tried to build this one a bit lighter... but think I failed. It's probably a bit lighter   :''

Hoping to see a home built shooting star wing...


Ok so its not really a homebrew plank, but it is a alternative to fixing a broken fuzz. Just do away with most of the fuzz and tail and conver to a plank. Flies really nice now cg sorted.

It used to be a Destiny or Micro floh xl as its known over here.[attachimg=1]


Interesting, Chris.
In spite of having had several MFXL/Destiny, I can't recall the section.
Is it RG14?


Just looked on the Topmodels website and its a RG15..........so you were close!


Can you provide a link to Topmodel; I just looked at Topmodel CZ website & couldn't fing the MFXL/Destiny.

BTW, are you aware of a sales source?
Haven't found one in Europe.
Only listing (old stock?) is in USA, but too pricey with shipping & import expenses.


Heres the link, bought one from them a couple of years ago no probs. Currently showing none in stock but they do seem to get them quite often. No carbon version though.