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The stab elite

Started by pike pro, December 17, 2012, 16:52:52 pm

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Hyper flight have discontinued the DSM 44 and replaced it with "Their Improved version"

Wonder what the difference is, specs look exactly the same.


Another good elite servo
cheaper than the mks small servo, and I believe faster.
Same speed as the DSM 44 but 40% more torque, and 0.5mm thinner
But as always a bit dearer



Not sure if this has been posted before.
This is the start of the stab
                       Then we loaded it with carbon. :ev


While reported elsewhere, congratulations are due here to Steve Hobday for achieving an amazing 175 mph at RE on 8th Feb with his newly constructed hollow-moulded wing Elite! :uk:

Jon has posted video:

Steve has waived the bottle of bubbly prize offered to the first person to achieve this speed, which remains available to the first to do so without a gyro.


Thanks Graham!

Presumably terms and conditions apply to the bubbly prize, no cash alternative and winner is responsible for shipping etc  ;D (otherwise you might be sending it to NZ - Alex H says he wants a stab and has indicated he already has a Supra stabiliser)


Good point, Steve!

Can't trust Alex not to hammer a record, so T&C applied as of now - applicable worldwide but winner collects from me at home or 'on the hill' :af :ev

Could this lure Alex over? ^-^


February 24, 2014, 21:36:44 pm #126 Last Edit: February 24, 2014, 21:41:58 pm by hobster
I did this (crude) drawing for Geoff. Thought I'd post here for anyone else thinking of adding an Orange Rx3s gyro to their Stab. It's a tight fit, the only way I could get everything in was to split the battery into two pairs of AAA cells. Also had to take the case off the Rx (a 7ch JR RS70)

Geoff N

Thanks for the picture Steve. In the end I removed the cases from the gyro and receiver, its made fitting everything a bit easier. Receiver covered in heat shrink. Gyro hot melt glued in place.   I've positioned every thing  the same as you but reversed the position of the rx3 and the receiver so I can adjust the gyro in place if necessary .
One gotcha  I've just discovered with the gyro is that there is no method of adjusting the position of only one servo so both linkages must be absolutely  identical .
Do you use rate or heading hold mode?


Grateful to you both for pioneering this inexpensive solution, I'm 'in' with 2 units purchased :af

Geoff - are you saying the TX's subtrims don't function when the RX3 is employed?

Geoff N

Servo trim   I use a JR 9X2 and for none Gyro  planks use the powered Delta wing configuration. In the Subtrim screen there is LEVN channel 2 and REVN channel 3 . If you alter the subtrim setting there you can move either servo independently of the other one.
When using a gyro you are sending just aileron and elevator to the gyro which does the mixing so putting aileron  trim in the transmitter  will cause one servo to go up and one to go down this happens if you use trim or sub trim.
To raise say a drooping elevon you need to use aileron trim to level the elevons and then elevator trim to raise or lower them to the correct position. Thanks to Steve for pointing this method out.


Ian figured a tailed version of the wee plank might be quite useful, & here it is:


Hot Air

I just watched the video of Hobster's 175mph Stab flight. That was quick! Nice work Steve!
He who dies with the most toys wins


Quote from: Hot Air on April 18, 2014, 13:47:57 pm
I just watched the video of Hobster's 175mph Stab flight. That was quick! Nice work Steve!

Thanks Steve. Hope you can make it back to Blighty again soon  :af

BTW not sure the video has been posted here before  $%& so here it is


pike pro

I can't see why not this little devil will be the first 25"er to do 200 with a gyro :) given the right day wind/flying conditions.


eagerly awaiting the 2up video.

Jonathan W