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November 30, 2020, 08:17:55 am

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Oops I did it again, and sorry Joe

Started by wdeighton, June 24, 2011, 00:39:49 am

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June 24, 2011, 00:39:49 am Last Edit: June 24, 2011, 00:41:28 am by wdeighton
Once upon a time I tried to be clever.
I was making some jigs to repeat-ably put holes in a wing.
As i was looking at it  dry I had a brain fart, and devided to put the wing with resin into the vac bag.
it started sucking down and was looking good until CRACK.

As the wing was glass it collapsed in and I kicked my self in the leg every time I have seen the wing since.

So as I am in a state of repairing models, I decided now was a good time to give this wing a go.
So I decided to cut it in half.

[smg id=26628]

This is where the apologie comes in.
When I cut this wing in half it was no more difficult to remove the main spar from the wing than the d60. Sorry Joe for saying your model should have been more difficult to separate. After doing it to a d80, I guess all wings will seem easy.

Back on main topic.
Plan, is now to put some carbon on the back of the wing, and close it up better than my previous attempt.

Stay glued, If you care.


Hey Will

It's very very cool of you to man up like that - sorry that you have another one to repair though! Hope the repair works out well for you.

How's the D100 coming along?

Nice one  :af



d100 stalled for inspiration. was taking too long tring to smooth it out, then noticed there is a couple of mm warp readable on the tip (only the " trailing edge" main wing is fine. might get back onto that when some dragons are done.

Re the mini dragon, I got the top skin reinforced with a layer of 200g carbon. MUCH Stiffer now.really noticeable on skin halves.
If I can get the bottom sorted tomorrow, I may even be able to rejoin by Sunday, but I doubt I will get 2h in the loft tomorrow.

There is a sense of satisfaction getting things done. need to get the spirits high and sort that d100.

Joe Manor

No worries Will. Good luck with the repair.


one step closer
[smg id=26639]

It's joining as we speak. time of tension, is it lined up ok? will the parting line be good?


Wing came out well.
Some cleaning up to do around the sides.
[smg id=26659]

[smg id=26660]

Install next. But what servos have I got to use???


Some pics of what I have been doing
[smg id=26794]

[smg id=26791]

[smg id=26790]

maiden this weekend if all goes to plan.
been well over a wear since I have flown a mini dragon.


Geoff N

Thanks Will ,you did a good job putting that wing back together. Flew very smooth down the backside today