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January 16, 2021, 17:49:41 pm

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DLE 20cc petrol engine

Started by Brian Cooper, April 06, 2011, 20:04:00 pm

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Brian Cooper

DLE 20 (rear carb) and "wrap round" exhaust system with a single "chimney" outlet.

Wow, what a fabulous little engine.  :)
It has not required a single tweak on any needle to tune it --- it was good straight out of the box.

After 30 minutes of running-in it was turning a 15x8 APC at 9,200 rpm and it has a very impressive amount of thrust/pull.
It idles happily and reliably at 1,600 rpm.

Running on 50:1 mix with Bel-Ray H1-R synthetic racing oil.  :af



great stuff Brian  :af :af. Im just putting a seagull dewoitine 520 together with a dle20 as motive power.


I know this topic is a little old but has anyone more info on the right oil mix and what should the mix be for running in and for how long should it be run in on that mix.

I have 2 DLE 20's now and looking forward to using them but don't want to ruin them or invalidate any warranties on them by using the wrong oil mix.



Why not give Paul at "Gashanger" a ring, he is most helpfull. (phone number is on his website).   ;)


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Thanks Tony,

I will call as soon as I can, one of these will probably end up in my Hangar 9 P47 and the other into the Hellcat.



8,800 on a Graupner Sonic pro (carbon) 16*8. Pitts wrap around with 12mm > 10mm restrictors in outlets to cut the noise a bit. Not noise tested, but quite reasonable/quiet in the air. 2,200 very safe idle (which is pretty low and not enough to move the aircraft). Castrol synthetic scooter oil at 40:1.

16*6 Graupner wood and no restrictors is VERY noisy!
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