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December 02, 2020, 15:16:39 pm

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First Full Size Trainer Recommendation ?

Started by NorthernLight, June 24, 2020, 19:45:18 pm

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Hi all,

I've been flying for a few weeks now with a Sport Cub S2 UMX plane which i love, but it really struggles in even the slightest of breezes - so looking for recommendations for a larger sized trainer.

So far i'm looking at the following 3 planes, but will gladly listen to any recommendations.

FMS Super EZ V4
Horizon Hobby Aero Scout S
Durafly Tundra 2




If you are going down the foamy route, then the Discovery SMF says is a good one, but even a foam Wot 4 is good. The ones you mention, I have only heard of the Tundra, and its more of a specialist short landing sport model than a trainer. Spiros at the RC Hotel does all his teaching with the ST Discovery, seems to fit the bill very well.


Or if you prefer something a little more substantial that can handle more that a wafting breeze there's the Seagull Arising Star - a traditional 40-size wooden trainer (electric option available).

Of course if you'd like to buck the modern trend and actually build something you can still get the good old DB Mascot kit - another proper wooden, 40-size trainer.

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Some good suggestions, we've had several newbies learn to fly on the Durafly Tundras, they make a good trainer and are heavy enough to do the BMFA A cert if you wish. The big wheels absorb some punishment and they are easy to repair. But like most lightweight foamies do get blown around a bit and slow down as soon as the power is taken off (unlike a traditional IC trainer)


I used to review models for RC Model Flyer Magazine and did a few trainers.  The very best was undoubtedly the Flair Kite, but sadly that is now not available.  However if you see a decent one second hand, then grab it!  Other excellent options include the Ripmax Tutor and the Thunder Tiger "Ready".  An OS 46LA is a good choice of engine for any of these.
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Definitely the ST Discovery for foam.  The Arising Star (or Seagull Boomerang) for a more 'massy' i.c. ARTF.