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December 05, 2020, 14:51:07 pm

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Beginners Guides

Started by NorthernLight, June 12, 2020, 13:07:54 pm

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I have taught many people to fly, from 1988 to now, and was an instructor at Goosedale Museum for three years while recovering from a back injury. The best trainer ever was the Irvine Tutor, there are others nearly as good, Boomerang, Ripmax trainer etc. The buddy lead system was a revelation (I wish it had been around when I was learning, could have saved a fortune in epoxy) and I have always used it to teach, have never crashed a pupils model or allowed it to crash (exception is on flare for landing, its impossible to take over at that point) and I still fly with some of the pilots I have taught. Most of them better than me now, too. If you can find a decent instructor and go buddy lead, you will learn so much quicker and with no drama. Trying to do this alone will work eventually, but its a hard road.


Well i'm just pottering around with a little Cub UMX - which can be interesting in the wind and i will slowly wean myself off Safe before buying a bigger trainer like the Tundra 2 or FMS Super EZ and joining a club to get some proper tuition on the bigger plane.


In your analysis of the options available to you, as a 'con' for the QX7 you criticise protocol support.  As PDR pointed out up-thread, it does, if you add the Jumper multi-protocol module to the module bay.

As for teaching yourself to fly, well you may get away with it on a little UMX bird with stabilization built in, but otherwise forget it.  Stabilization buys you a little more time to make decisions after your brain-hand-eye coordination abandons you, but you'll probably still make the wrong decision.  This is where the intervention of an expert assistant (and the Club he likely belongs to) will repay itself on the first outing...

Itsme is right re the Tutor 40, but its Seagull Boomerang equivalent is still available.