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December 03, 2020, 16:22:58 pm

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SO, Horus Owners, .................................

Started by Bad Raven, September 02, 2017, 13:48:29 pm

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Bad Raven

How's your Horus been then?

I have two, one a production unit still on FrOS, with a tiny module to run Eachine E010 quads for One Design indoor FPV racing.  This is operating to FrSky receivers via dual diversity on its internal and external aerials. Currently 15 models.

The other is the ex development unit, now with all PWBs changed to Prod status. (A bit of a painful process as the screen driver/GPS pwb was eventually diagnosed as the culprit). This is on OpenTX with a multi-protocol module fitted which is operating to FrSky Rx only on its internal aerial, no diversity when talking to FrSky Rx.  The module has its own external aerial. Currently 12 models.

The module teams with the latest OpenTX to allow differing manufacturers protocols to be connected with their signal needs pre placed into the model memory in Serial mode, so once programmed running the model requires only the same or very similar model boot procedure as if it were the same manufacturers Transmitter. So far on the other manufacturer front I have this flying a Blade NanoQX, a Blade NanoCPX, a Blade mCPX, a Blade 130X, a couple of own design indoor/park planes with Orange Rx, and a Hubsan X4 H107C.  It has also flown an outdoor Delta on DSM2 to max legal safe range with absolutely excellent  performance. 

Have had a first stab at programming the Blade 180CFX but this is not quite right on flight mode switching gyro levels yet.

I have not had any lockups, glitches, brown outs, RSSI signal warnings with either system/Tx. Taking the figures at face value, the OpenTX one seems to be always just a little better on RSSI.

Over the same  period my Futaba CG10 has performed faultlessly, my cheap little £32 FlySky FS-i6 faultlessly, and my DX9 has locked up blank screen on boot about seven times, twice not resetting till the battery plug was removed and replaced, the rest requiring the SD card (formerly quite OK) to be removed, cleaned and replaced. It's also had models flown on it glitch, especially the 130S on rudder/yaw, clearly the worst of the lot.  All used at the same sites under the same conditions.

How's yours been?
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I've had a couple of low RSSI warnings with a Flair SE5a running on electricity, but only in one orientation - next time I need to take the wings off I'll resite the aerials, but as it only happens at one point on the far side of the circuit I'm not to concerned about it.  Otherwise it's been faultless on about 20 different models from 2S electrics up to 38cc petrols.  I'm using the add-on arms and a shoulder harness which negates the tx weight and as a bonus leaves me both hands free to carry the model from start area to flightline.
My only gripe is with OpenTX not having a way to set up default widgets, instead they have to be set up for each model - often the longets part of setting up a new model.
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I'm still using the FrSky OS on mine. It's been faultless and easy to program. Currently using it with 2 planes and 6 multicopters.

Senior Administrator

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Andy Meade

As above, FRsky OS and faultless for a good while now  :af


I changed mine to OTX 2.2 and it's been brilliant.  My last was a MPX Royal Evo 12 with a FRSKY module installed. That was a lovely TX with very flexible software.
The Horus/OTX is a quantum leap forward, up to 32 channels,  fantastic RX performance =  I can't speak too highly of it



If you copy the model, the widgets are also copied.

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Andy Meade

Someday I will make the change to OpenTX on it, as I sort of understand the advantages, but even my most complex 8 servo wing so far is managing to be programmed in FRSkyOS.

Plus I've only just transffered over all of my models to the Horus from Futaba gear, I can't face that again for a while!  :embarassed:


Quote from: crasher on September 05, 2017, 07:18:30 am

If you copy the model, the widgets are also copied.

yes, that works for new models but as I'm importing 30 odd models from my Taranis I'm having to do them one by one as I bind them to the Horus.
flying's easy - it's getting it back down in one piece that's the hard part


In a word, superb.

I love the size and feel, it is solid, I don't use a neckstrap and I fly with my thumbs. I agree with the comments about the widgets, I too have copied 90% of my models from my Taranis and it would be a help to have the same widgets set up for each model.

In the slot at the back I have an iRangeX 4 in 1 Multi Module (only works with OTX as far as I am aware) from Banggood so I can use my FrSky receivers that are not compatible with EU LBT and I can also use it for the Eflite DSM/DSMX UMX models I have. Everything is set up in the individual model memory on the tx so all I have to do is select the model and the correct protocol is transmitted, fantastic.


I bought one last week and flew with it for the first time yesterday. I use it hand held, no neck strap, and found that the extra weight was not noticible when flying. The only akward part was finding the trims due to the extra width of the Tx. I feel that it could be difficult if you have a badly out of trim model where you have to hold the stick to keep it from diving into the ground. At the moment I don't see the need to go OpenTx as it does eveything I need as it is, I have updated it to the latest firmware. The downloaded manual is not the best as it appears to be for the prototype version containing features like instant trim which have been removed from the present version and doesn't explain some freatures well.

Jim Gill
Dundee Model Aircraft Club