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December 05, 2020, 08:37:03 am

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State of Play to 19/11/16 - My Horus

Started by Bad Raven, November 19, 2016, 07:34:01 am

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Bad Raven

A ramble which may or may not be useful to anyone balancing on the fence of buying a Horus. Purely my own experiences and personal opinions so far.

[Begin Personal Opinion]

I joined the Beta tester programme at the start of the main programme late April 16. The stated reason for the programme was to help FrSky produce their own operating system. This was proposed to be a complete turn key system, with abilities which would exceed the features offered by other commercial Tx in the same or better price bracket (within reason!) and still "work" for a first time purchaser.

It was known from the start that OpenTX was being developed for people who wanted that much more "programmer" based experience, but we were expected to help develop their own system.

From the very start it was evident that some were buying into the programme simply to gain a Horus ahead of the pack. It was also evident that some would and did transfer immediately to the pre-release OpenTX either wholly or part time  Neither would help FrSky fulfil their desired outcome from the programme.

I both raised and participated in a wide range of improvement suggestions. While I loaded OpenTX briefly a few times this was only to compare against FrTX. I did this throughout right up to the abrupt end to the programme.

As I write I own (have purchased) both the Development Horus and a batch two Production Horus. There are considerable differences in hardware.

One major flaw with the Internet and its "information and advice" is that a lot of it is time critical, yet remains out there "forever", in many cases without easily read date stamping for people to misread as current.  Thus data out there on Horus can easily be untrue for its current state.

This is not a FrSky issue, as for example people in the Euro zone are still buying Spektrum Tx expecting them to work with DSM2!

A simple example on Horus is that the user data (Models, etc) are now stored in on board Flash memory. Yes, A SD card slot is still fitted, but is not now the prime source of holding constant use data. While the SD card can be used to update the Horus systems, it is possible to load FrTX firmware via OpenTX Companion. This eliminates the effect of differing quality SD.

There are TWO parts to FrSky Horus firmware, the Operating System (internal to the Tx, that which makes the buttons and switches do what you want, operates the display, sets Rates, Expo, etc, and the Radio Frequency system (called IXJT), which generates and controls the signals out and back into the Tx (Control and Telemetry).   As I write this latter RF part is only being issued as part of the FrSky update process. OpenTX is therefore at this time not stand alone and users may find they need to change back to FrTX briefly to gain this part of the essential overall OS if/when it is updated.

People using Taranis for some time before Horus purchase are less likely to find FrTX useful, they will likely want the familiarity of the OpenTX system (though amended for the Horus quite a lot).

However, people wanting that turn key experience as per Futaba, Spektrum, etc may well find that FrTX offers that experience.

You may well however AT THIS POINT still need to update firmware, possibly even on day of supply.   My Production second batch Horus arrived with 1.2.15 firmware, while current on that day was 1.2.21. The differences ARE significant.

I am still using FrTX on both Horus.

So, FOR NOW, Horus is not yet fully a turn on and use Tx.   While owning over 60 Transmitters with a wide range of makers and models, the "most days" 2.4GHz TX models used are Futaba 6EX and 10CG, Spektrum DX7 and DX9, FrSky Taranis, and FlySky FS-i6. 

While I do not own the very latest from other mainstream manufacturers I do get to use them, and while most are good, Horus is still being refined and IMO already sits up there if not in many respects above any of these alternatives.

[ End Personal Opinion]

The user formerly know as Bravedan........... Well if Prince can do it....................

Kevin Fairgrieve (NSS)

I will add my ramblings if I may.

I joined the Beta program in May of 2016.

I also exclusively used the FrSky Os during the period up to the public release of the Horus, again only occasionally loading Open Tx to do a comparison with my Taranis.

During the Beta process I did raise several issues on the Beta reporting site. Sometimes but not always these issue`s were resolved with a Firmware update.

Having come from Open TX I found the FrSky offering very different to what I was used to.

As soon as the Horus was out of Beta I switched to Open TX and have stuck with that thus far.

I am still waiting on my production Horus and parts to bring my Beta unit up to production specs. When I do get my second unit I intend to run for a while one on each OS to really give me a comparison.

So what am I saying? Some will like the structure of the FrSky OS and some like me will prefer the Open TX route. In the early days FrSky advertised the Horus as being able to run either system, I note today that that is no longer on the advert.



Excellent posts that did answer and make clear some of my questions, nearly bought one back in November but was still unsure with all the stuff going on on rcgroups, will probably get one now in new year