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December 05, 2020, 08:24:54 am

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FPV Camera Quality

Started by Bad Raven, February 27, 2016, 08:20:27 am

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Bad Raven

I have been getting myself into Race Quads. (not easy I can tell you as they are a ruddy sight smaller than me).

My usual style with anything new is to try to do it as cheaply as possible, even though I know that from time to time I'll get bitten.  Most times though it works out OK.

I fairly quickly discovered that many of the Cameras sold for FPV, even ones sold with brand names like "Sony" for the lens unit, have quite severe limitations generated by the tacked on electronics. (or the cloning!!)

Having bought my first quad from a UK builder/seller, and it being winter, I initially tried it out indoors in halls, which worked fine, very acceptable picture. However, when venturing outdoors it was immediately obvious that the basic contrast was no good at all, with ultra bright sky and dark, near blacked out, land, when at race quad height (fast and down in the weeds). The next one I made, and I bought a named unit, by no means bottom priced.

Put both of them up to 5 metres or more outdoors and they were quite OK, the ground suddenly became properly visible as the camera adjusted itself, but at race quad height, the ground was tending black. No way to seemingly adjust I could discover.  (Yes, that way around, unlike Keyfobs that tend to work well until up high when they then struggle against the light to show ground detail)

I was advised to buy a camera which came with a menu PCB (buttons) and had Wide Dynamic Range.

SO, I bought a recommended (by several race quad people) quite expensive unit, from a UK source. This arrived yesterday less than 24 hours from order, excellent!!

The Instructions are a double sided sheet of A4 with text and pictures, three columns per page.

I started to read........................  Oh Dear!!  I had to stop a couple of times as I read on, for reasons which might become evident by example (and only a TINY example!!), written here exactly as printed including emboldening, stops, brackets. Each section is complete, there is no more:-




    1. Select 'WTIH E ABL'
     2. Select required mode by t eh LEFT or RIGHT button




OFF: PARK LINE mode is disabled.
ON: PARK LINE mode is enabled


Adjusted from 0 to 255 seconds

And in this case down another menu tree:-

1.) Lens Sharp

OFF and ON
Adjust from 0-255 seconds

Been around Chinese products for quite a while, and experienced some extreme Chinglish, but this document is a masterpiece!!   How on earth can you allow two words that should be the same to be printed so differently millimetres apart?   ;D ;D ;D

The user formerly know as Bravedan........... Well if Prince can do it....................


This link may be of use to you and check out the quad section.