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December 02, 2020, 16:31:49 pm

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Rookie Buildinng A Rookie

Started by Dai Hedral, February 01, 2016, 14:43:40 pm

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Dai Hedral

I'm building David Boddington's  Super Rookie a 76" span powered glider ADH plan No 49. I need to decide now which servo to fit, but the space given is too small for standard size servos fitted three abrest. Those shown on the plan measure 28mm long by 13mm wide approx. I have a Steve Webb gift voucher to use, but the range of servos on his web site is, for me at least, mind boggling.
Can anyone suggest a reliable reasonably priced servo which will do the job please.


February 01, 2016, 16:11:38 pm #1 Last Edit: February 01, 2016, 16:18:37 pm by Phil_G
Three?  I have a DB Rookie Major, its rudder/elevator with just two servos, bags of room for standard S148's etc.
Whats the third one for, tow release?  if so maybe a small servo mounted near the hook?  Its not for throttling an IC engine is it?  Yeuk. Electric, every time!

One thing I'd change is the fixed tailplane - I'd band it on next time.

Dai Hedral

Thanks for your interest  Phill,
The Super Rookie is indeed ic powered with the engine in the nose unlike the other Rookies. DB's original was powered by a 1.5cc PAW diesel  - oily little beast.
I'm glad you mentioned banding on the tail plane because I was going to glue in position. The plan write up suggests either method is acceptable.


Go Lekky & save a servo!

...but seriously, with an engine you're excluding yourself from many 'silent-flight' flying sites.  Our club site absolutely precludes engines, even without props.  Most glider-only sites allow 'quiet electrics' (ie not a MPX Twin-Jet  ;D  )
With this type of model you can do climb& glide add infinitum with lekky. Or just once with IC.
Plus you can use a folder so you get better glide performance with a lekky anyway!

half throttle

Aren't the servos mounted in-line rather than abreast.?
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Andy J

I've had 2 Rookies and I am currently building a third, you don't need a throttle servo, these models were designed for a short engine run to gain height then engine cuts and you glide, if you want to go down the powered route, you'd be far better off going electric, it will be cleaner and more efficient, especially with a folding prop and something like a Rookie will fly on a cheap set up.
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