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January 25, 2021, 13:59:52 pm

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Another day on the Skirrid finally

Started by Geoff N, October 24, 2015, 16:54:57 pm

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Geoff N

Finally had a day on the Skirrid on Wednesday :D :D.  I had  been banned from the Skirrid due to a a heart problem. I had an ablation procedure 4 weeks ago and all seemed to be good.So when Will D contacted me earlier this week  I knew I had to find out if all was really well. I arrived first and with a 8 am start it was fairly cool but about 20 mph wind .Will did not arrive till 8:20 and I was pleased that he did not catch me until near the summit.
There is a second part to this story .Three years ago I in a fit of optimism and retirement funds I brought a Opus MXT Quad carbon . Due to a combination of a arthritic knee, hamstring problems bronchitis and the previously mentioned heart it had only been flown twice off a local hill and sat looking reproachfully at me from the  top of my wardrobe for all that time. I live 30 min from the Skirrid and see it most days , apprehension had grown and grown. Trying not to think how much it cost I gave Will the nod to launch it. Why was I worried ? It flew brilliantly , so smooth. due to a combination of failing wind, rusty piloting and what Will called "Stadium" sized laps the best I managed was 111mph upping my PB by 4 mph :D .followed by a text book landing :D
will took the honours with 134mph with his battered Blade .I had one more flight before the wind got a bit light varying  5 to 18 mph  .Then just watched Will try and cut the tops of the bracken with a big grin on my face.
What a day.
There is a video at https://vimeo.com/143361038 but its  not worth watching. A lot of it would be good for "Put your X  where you think the glider is" competition.
I've still got a big grin on my face and thanks to Will for expert launch and valuable instruction.


Good to find you back in shape, Geoff, as you must be just to get up there.
Hope to join you on Skirrid before long - if you see a big W-WNW'ly coming, please give me a shout. :af


I really enjoyed thrashing the blade to within an inch of its life. One of my best sessions in a long time!
Glad to be able to help and hope we can repeat it again soon.


Any one ever put a speed gun on a D60 on the front? Wondered what sort of speeds these could achieve, got mine really going today in winds gusting 62mph, no idea how fast it was going, but i expect well over a ton.


If i remember correctly we had a bit of D60 frontside dive comp a few years ago and i believe we gunned a best speed in the 170,s.