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December 05, 2020, 08:31:18 am

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FPV 250/280 Race Quad

Started by Bad Raven, October 04, 2015, 21:30:51 pm

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Bad Raven

Who's got one then, what is it, and where are you using it?  ;)

So far only flown my newly completed one in the back garden LOS with a Mobius on the mount above the FPV camera, as so far in the limited time I have had, the Video side is refusing to talk to each other.

The user formerly know as Bravedan........... Well if Prince can do it....................


In view of the lack of responses the best advice I can give you is to take a look here:
You will get excellent advice and a solution to the problems I am sure!
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I've been messing around with one this last year:

! No longer available

They're great.  Small, quiet but in terms of fun there's nothing to touch flying one of these FPV, when you are flying less than a foot from the floor it suddenly all feels very fast indeed.  Mine's just a ZMR 250 with a Naze 32 running cleanflight firmware, all standard stuff.  Upgraded since that video to larger motors and props.

What's your video setup?  It's bound to be a fairly simple issue.

Bad Raven

Good Video............but only makes me more frustrated..........   ;)  ;D ;D

Mine is a Diatone Blade 250 with DYS 2300kV motors from a 1500 3S or 4S.  Pretty damn quick 3S, have only hovered 4S so far in back garden.  Have to get and make a lead to convert 3S balance to 4S so Video onboard gets powered from 4S pack but that least of worries when nothing works!

Headset is the 5" monitor HK Quanum V2, to which I have added a Line of Sight Camera and video switch.

LOS works perfectly, but "No Signal" and noise on Video. Tried all combos of bands/channels/switches.

Trouble is I'm running Boscam, and the only two others reachable to me here are ImmersionRC standard so signal not compat.

Swapped VRx to another Boscam VRx no effect on any channel. Have run direct from screen to Rx no effect. Faulty Camera would not give No Signal and noise, would be black screen, Ergo looks like duff VTx (NEVER been on with no aerial!!).

One on way to me poss arrive today.
The user formerly know as Bravedan........... Well if Prince can do it....................


What VRx is it, exactly?  If it's a 32ch one then it should cover the immersion frequencies anyway so you could try one of those.  It might also be worth temporarily eliminating the extra camera and video switcher if it's easy to do so, make it all as simple as possible and go from there.

Bad Raven

Replacement set of same type arrived, tested on bench, worked first time into headset.

Removed VTX board from quad, inserted working board onto existing loom and camera, NO SIGNAL.

Removed working new board, tried again on bench, working.

Removed all installation on Quad, installed new set, all working.  Flown twice on FPV now, working.

This isn't what I expected, as if its a camera or loom fault that allows the VTX board to still produce the right pattern of LEDS for channel setting, I'd have expected the output to be shown as black screen, not noise.

Def not prepared to play any more, I gained a replacement before returning the old, it works, have now returned the faulty set in toto, end of story really.

Thanks for comments all.

The user formerly know as Bravedan........... Well if Prince can do it....................

Bad Raven

Well, it's been in the air twice now under FPV control (if control is the right word for my current level of inexpertise).   :''

Can't really fault the Headset for the price, the single 5" screen gives a real "sitting on the nose" impression, though TBH I think it might be easier with something of the quad visible to give faster idea of slip and wind effect when not at "racing" speed. I may temp fix something under chassis sticking out, like a colourful cable tie "probe".

Found an old wheels and handle suitcase style plastic toolbox in the loft, and the Quad, its Tx and the headset fits in really well with polyurethane stiff foam padding partitions, leaving just enough room the exact space of another slightly larger quad, sort of 280ish........funny, that!  ::)

Well, I DO now have a "spare" VRX on the shelf..........   ^-^

Next buy is a screen, prob a dual diversity Black Pearl if nothing better emerges.

The user formerly know as Bravedan........... Well if Prince can do it....................


Just have a few more flights, you'll soon get used to it.  It's easiest if you are always moving forwards, angle the camera up 10-15 degrees or so and then when you center the horizon on the screen you'll be moving at a steady rate of knots.