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November 30, 2020, 08:28:17 am

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Sailplanes International 100" Osprey

Started by a.wallace, August 16, 2015, 17:17:26 pm

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I'm looking for a kit or a set of wings for a Sailplanes International  100" Osprey, don't care about the state of the wings as long as they are able to be posted to Northern Ireland  :xx :xx :xx

Andrew wallace


Hello Andrew,

I have built a few Osprey's over the years but sadly i still can not help you because i never kept the plans, but i have seen the odd 1 on Ebay now and again, if i see another i will let you know.

Unless you are sorted now  :af


i have one of these 100" kits in perfect condition. had it fot quite a while, its kept on top of a wardrobe along with other glider kits(spirit 100, spirit 2mt, Dynaflight drifter2, electra.
had a look at it yesterday and took some photos. but sorry to say reckon i wont sell it but very likely to build it this winter, and let a mate of mine build a copy at the same time.


November 10, 2015, 12:27:37 pm #3 Last Edit: November 10, 2015, 12:29:04 pm by Jas
Think you should post some pictures of the kit  ;)



Very nice . . . will look nice if you build it .


This was my Osprey i built a year or 2 ago.


If i get round to it I will electrify mine. I have a very nice geared Kontronic which uses a 14" prop and even on 2 cell would pull this up quite quickly.


I had one of these 20 years ago which was already old/second hand when I brought it.  Great glider, flew well from the bungee or slope.  Mine was covered in Nylon/Dope all over which made if very durable.  Sadly destroyed after specking out in a thermal.

There is someone selling laser cut rib sets on eBay.  I enquired and he also has details of someone on eBay who can provide plans for it.  I would build one myself but I still have a Flair Sunrise half built which i started 6 years ago and never got around to completing.  Thinking about dusting that off and trying to get it in the air before summer has gone.

Hope that helps..