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December 02, 2020, 16:38:31 pm

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A few questions about JR radio/electric power

Started by Joe, July 05, 2015, 16:43:09 pm

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I have a few questions about my setup in my new model, having flown glow for years then taken a break I am still lacking confidence/knowledge in electric!!

First, I've got a new JR receiver and want to know if my aerial location will work ok? I've placed them at 90 degrees but within the airframe and one looped back on itself? It's not touching the carbon spar but looks a bit cramped to me!

Secondly, I want to extend my ESC wires to get better access when connecting the battery, I have a hacker 55a and would like to extend by about 8cm, are there any worries about this?

Third and most embarrassing I was setting up my transmitter and stupidly reversed the throttle with the battery connected so the model fell off my table and jammed on the floor, it broke the prop and mounting bolts but must have been under full power but not being able to move for about 2-3 seconds!
Is it likely I have broken anything electrically?? Seems to work fine still but I'm paranoid now

Sorry for the long questions and novice knowledge but I want to get it done properly

Thanks in advance


Your installation looks good (although I tend to run my Rx aerials through drinking straws), as regards extending the ESC wires, it's better to extend the wires between the motor and ESC rather than the ESC and battery.

If everything works OK then you shouldn't have done any damage, but lesson learnt, always take the prop off when messing with the model and make sure you have the failsafe set so the motor shuts off. I always test the failsafe of models brought to the field for testing and it's surprising how many don't shut the throttle off.


+1 for taking the prop off - electric motors don't stall they try to go on until magic smoke gets out or it goes through whatever is in the way - including flesh / bone; you had a lucky escape!!
I think.......I think I am........Therefore I am. .....I think!


Thanks for replies, definitely learnt a lesson!