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Purbeck ASW27

Started by gciflyer103, May 18, 2015, 19:18:15 pm

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This one has just been added to my stable here in Guernsey, but didn't come with any instructions or CoG info. Would anyone have a set of instructions they could email?
Bas Aldwell


May 18, 2015, 23:57:43 pm #1 Last Edit: May 18, 2015, 23:59:00 pm by EricF
If you don't get an answer here, try the forum of
A number of people there have Purbeck ASW27s or you could pm 'terry white' who was the proprietor of Purbeck Sailplanes and who is a member of RCMF.

Any problems, please pm me.

I'm not old, I've just been young for a very long time!


Eric, thanks - will give scalesoaring a go.


I see you made it onto the SSUK Forum. They're a very helpful bunch there and you should get all the assistance you need. I see you have also had a reply from Terry White as well. Two of my flying colleagues also have Purbeck 27s so you could contact them if needed - 'weds' and 'paul w', whose website is

I have a Purbeck Sailplanes glider but it is the 1/3rd scale MDM-1 Fox, a lovely machine to fly weighing in at 16kg, but I do have to find a strong launcher each time I want to fly it.

All the best, Eric
I'm not old, I've just been young for a very long time!


Yes, Terry White of great assistance on SSUK, so heading in the right direction now.

Your Fox is a beauty. Vince C kindly lent me his big Swift when my ex Ray Jones Lunak went swimming, so I'm with you on the need for assistance launching 'heavies'. Got the Swift away a few times on my own but it was pretty scary and not good for the heart rate! Unfortunately gliding is going through a quite period here at the moment - haven't seen anyone else on the slope for the last dozen or so times I've been up - so hopefully I can get the ASW away single handed.

Thanks for the support, cheers, Bas


Here's a video of my Purbeck ASW27, very nice to fly. I love it..


May 25, 2015, 21:34:01 pm #6 Last Edit: May 25, 2015, 21:55:31 pm by EricF

Yes, I also have problems launching my 4 metre ASH26 and I had a very hairy one-wing-low launch yesterday as there was no one else around to chuck it off for me. I always use a waist strap to hold the Tx in position so I can use both hands to launch confident in the knowledge that the Tx will stay in the correct position on my stomach.

As the big heavy jobs are a pain to launch, I am just starting to seriously look at bungee launching which may also be a solution to your solo launching problem.

People here shudder at the thought of it, but the research I've done so far shows it shouldn't be a problem if the task is approached properly and the solution correctly engineered. There have been a couple of mishaps in this country where people haven't thought out the release mechanism correctly and analysing the incident reports, they appear to have been accidents waiting to happen.

Twenty years ago we were bungee launching scale gliders without problems - you just need to get the aircraft six inches above the ground travelling faster than stall speed and you're away. Take a look at 'weds' video of 1993 vintage - I was there as well, although we didn't know each other then. - successful launch is at 2min 1sec.

With the big Fox launches, when it leaves the launcher's hands it's right on the stall and it has immediately to be dived down the slope to build up enough air speed to stay airborne. You will have witnessed that on our Fox video and on our main slope with a fence not too far away, it can be a bit hairy. You'll see on the first launch of 'swarrans' big Fox that it has to be dived to build up airspeed - - 1min 15secs - luckily this flight was on one of our other slopes that doesn't have a fence in the firing line.

I have looked at quite few YouTube videos of continental events where bungee is used very successfully so I am determined to crack the challenge using my ASH26 as the test machine before moving on to my big Fox. If you are interested I'll keep you up to speed with my progress and if you have any ideas I'll be pleased to hear about them.

All the best,

I'm not old, I've just been young for a very long time!



Vince Cockett (of SSUK fame) has used a bungee launch here - but I've never seen it in action. I think he still has some of the parts so will quiz him when I next see him. This is the link to his info:

Almost ready, just waiting for 2nd Voltspy and a decent westerly!



Decent westerly tonight, so load car (yes, she fits in a Smart car!)
up to the slope and no-one around...[attachimg=2]
so with some trepidation go for a self launch. No problem in the end and she flew beautifully. The sun was front and centre so only flew some gentle circuits and then practice landing patterns. All went well till one of the airbrakes stuck up and she was too high to land but too low to make a full circuit!
A hasty up/cross slope landing raised the heart rate but the only damage was one side of the rudder horn snapped off. I'm happy - new rudder horn and a tweak on the airbrake linkage and she'll be ready for the next westerly  :)