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November 30, 2020, 08:26:49 am

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Do you still use bungee launching?

Started by cheddar-caveman, May 06, 2015, 14:37:57 pm

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Just curious as I just found a 100mtr. length of bungee elastic  while clearing the attic!


We found one too a couple of years ago, but the first few meters of the tubing were perished, spliced in a new section and used it a few times, but this led to us building an electric tug which is now our preferred choice. Our field layout only really works with the bungee for a narrow range of wind directions, but give it a go they are quite good fun and fliers who haven't seen one before find it interesting. Our bungee has around 30m of tubing and 80m of line.


I used to find one really useful if flat field soaring on my own. I spent hours with a 2m glider while I was learning in the field at the back of my house.

Bad Raven

I WOULD use bungee if I was able to restart the school on gliding as I used to do up to three years ago with converted Slovenian foam chuck gliders called "FIK"'s , but changes to the site layout when a new school was built and most of the old one demolished have reduced the sizes and put the playing fields too close to roads and car parking (In the latter case with no protective barrier and little run off area from boundary, and they are playing hockey and cricket!!   :banghead: ).

For my personal flying, my few thermal stuff has a motor up front, inc an old "Silhouette" which when last bungee'd protested by snapping its spar, a motor being far less aggressive, and a welcome reserve when flying in restricted pace
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Must be about 12 years since I last used a bungee. Had two models, a Gentle Lady and a foam winged Albatross (dreadful machine - even got Dudley Patterson to accept that it was impossible to built it for the advertised weight, although a clubmate's built up wing version was fine). Flew the Gentle Lady a lot, but it was destroyed when for no reason I, nor anyone else, could understand, it leapt away from the hand as usual but at about 30 feet up suddenly did a flip over into the ground with the bungee gleefully dragging it along through the grass until the largest piece left was about the size of a matchbox.
That is one possible problem with a bungee - if the model, for whatever reason, makes contact with terra firma with the line still attached, there's not a lot you can do about it. :'(
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Yes! I got our cotton covered bungee out the other day to amuse the littlun. He thought it was great fun.


I must confess that I use electric assist in preference to a bungee as its more convenient. Batteries and motors are so powerful for their size these days and there aren't many sport gliders that can't accommodate a power train of some description. Even my 1/5 Scale MDM-1 Fox has a fan up front and as the prop blades are white they're barely visible when folded.


Guess the local sailing club will be getting it :)


Had ours out last night when we were doing a session with a local scout group giving them flights with our trainers on a buddy box, they all thought it was great. I handed over my Easy Glider to a couple of out junior fliers and they had a ball  :af


Same here to be honest, it's been many years since i used a bungee, with these model :-100" Osprey, 78" Gentle Lady & 100" Elan  ^-^


Yes, love it.
Using a hybrid of rubber with 8mm silicon tube as well. The most satisfying way to get straight up to 350', and you get a little exercise between flights, so its all good.
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