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January 15, 2021, 14:48:38 pm

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Tow release for a 5m ASW

Started by wdeighton, May 03, 2015, 09:32:18 am

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Hello All

after a failed aero tow experience I have decided I need to upgrade the release system on my 5m ASW 22.

It has a flare unit in the nose, but I don't have the ball for. I have been warned against this type so.
    I installed a pin in a tube style release on the side of the fuselarge. I thought this would be brilliant but it failed to release under pressure. I believe the brass tube may have a burr that is catching on the steel rod when under pressure. That can be refined, but also I want to upgrade the servo. But to What? How many Kg? and what is a good value for money servo to use?

The other alternative is to some how remove the flare unit in the nose and replace it with a cam type. (Also in a tube but has a pin that rotates connected to the servo.) If I go this route any advice on what unit to purchase and again what servo to run on it?

Thanks in advance for your support


May 03, 2015, 10:53:01 am #1 Last Edit: May 03, 2015, 10:54:11 am by Mudders
Some good tow releases here

I use a Hitec HS5645 servo on my 5m Ventus, just coz I had a spare, works fine.



I have one of the cam type in my 8kg 4.3m Topaze, it did have a Futaba 3003 servo on it, but I found that I could stall that servo so I replaced the servo with a metal geared 17kg/cm servo and that has worked well. I use the Multiplex tow release on my overweight 4m Discus http://www.multiplex-rc.de/en/products/categories/products/details/productgroup/zubehoer/productcategory/model-accessories-1/product/aero-tow-coupling.html?tx_lwshopitems_pi1%5Baction%5D=show&tx_lwshopitems_pi1%5Bcontroller%5D=Product&cHash=e45327fe57ac60f7259afde593061230 and that has worked very well, simple and almost impossible to jam up.


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Mine might be the HK type too, it came with the glider. One other thing to note with this type is that you need to use thickish wire, I started off using thing closed loop wire (same as i use on my Multiplex releases) and found, on a ground pull test, that the wire loop could be come jammed between the cam and the housing as the cam rotates, going to a thicker wire (throttle cable) stopped that from happening.

If there's one thing that will cheese off a tug pilot it's a glider release that doesn't  :''


It is a shame that you cannot get the balls for the flair release system anymore. I have used these for years without issues except loosing the balls!).  I also use the cam systems and thes work with thock monofilament as well. I did have a reel of the stuff till a mate "borrowed" it. The benefit is that making anew one is simply cutting a length and knotting it. The brake cable idea is back into the Flair ball territory.
Murphy's law No. 1793b, subsection 3 says that the best thermals will appear immedeatley after the loss of the last Flair ball, or wire loop.


Hi Will, heard about your failing tow release on you "20".... not 22 from SC while aerotowing at the same place on Friday.... bummer. I fitted  the red MPX ones in my Skylark and Grob last year, very easy to install and operate, the only mod I did was to drill out the whole to except a 2mm (I think) piano wire, doddle.


Here's a couple of links for you:



I have bought the Multiplex release and will be installing it this week in my 4m Multiplex ASH26, ready for the aerotow meeting at Middle Wallop at the weekend.

All the best,

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