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November 30, 2020, 07:18:28 am

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Graupner 4 metre Discus, Help needed please

Started by GraemeRH, April 28, 2015, 07:14:50 am

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Hi, I was given one of these in a rather sorry state last year. It had been crashed and the fuselage was in two parts.
I have now got it back together to the point of putting some servos in the wing roots to avoid the linkages in the fuselage.
And then I am ready to cover it.
The help I am looking for is the usual C of G. Elevator, Aileron, and rudder throws.
Also some guidance on where the tail neutral point should be set.
Having spent all this time and effort, I don't want to launch it the first time and have it end up in another heap.
I understand the instructions were in the form of pictures. If someone has a PDF of them, I would be very grateful.
Thanks for looking

Geoff N

Hi I have some scans of the instructions.   PM me with your email. I'LL sort them out to night.



Thanks to Geoff, I now have some instructions for this model.
Bu having been through them, there is no information about throws for Ailerons, Elevator and rudder.
We have the C of G and neutral incidence for the tail.
If someone has the throws, that would be very helpful.
Many thanks