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Paritech DG303 Acro

Started by JohnMac, March 23, 2015, 12:01:36 pm

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I have just taken delivery of a 5 M DG303 acro. It is the nicest molded glider I have ever owned, so that covers 45 years! I had them Fit a retract and the canopy. Money well spent as I even if I live to be 100, I doubt that I could fit a canopy as well as Paritech do.
The Retract is a Substantial FEMA affair. I am sure it has "Vickers Shipbuilding" stamped into the metal frame. It is fully damped and has a wheel brake.
I am currently fitting out with MKS servos, and will have Jeti radio for Guidance. I will take advantage of the EX bus sytem to have only a few cable to the wing rather than a big bundle.
It is destined to have a Wren Supersport Turbine sat on its back. The tanks will be permanently fitted, but a faired in mount will be made that will have the engine semi-recessed, and all the ancilliaries built in. It will attch with 4 3mm bolts, and I will be able to cover these with small pieces of tape when I revert it back to pure glider status.
Since the engine I have is rather powerful for this model, I chose to have the "Carbon D-Box" version of the wing. It is strong.
When the phots were taken I was happier than I look. It was bitter cold and blowing a gale, so I was hanging on to the model for dear life. It wants to fly.




Thanks guys. Anyone know where I can buy those stick on wintip wheels?


Hi John, I have a spare pair off my 1/5th scale Topmodel Fox you can have, but the rubber tyres are only 15mm dia. so may be too small for you, and you will need to cut and assemble them. If they're of any use to you, PM me your address and I'll post 'em off, FOC.
See pic for details:


Sverrir  - Icelandic Volcano Yeti - RCMF Tech Team

Steve Mitchell

I had one of these. Very fast model! Add 2mm of reflex on the flaps and she picks her tail up and goes supersonic!

Have fun!

Senior Administrator