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December 02, 2020, 15:13:07 pm

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Lipo charging

Started by Nordsee, January 29, 2015, 13:20:26 pm

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Now for a really dumb question! I have returned to model aircraft and am building a Trainer from way back when, It will be electro and I have all the bits, brushless Motor and ESC  and charger. Now, when I charge the Lipo, do I leave the balancer connected when charging it, or is balancing a seperate Action?.The instructions with the Robbe charger do not say either way. Must sound silly, but I don't want to cause a Big Bang and ruin my gear. Spring is coming, flying weather is too!


Not sure about the Robbe but most chargers have a 'balance charge' option and an option to charge without balancing.
Until you're absolutely comfortable I would strongly suggest a balance charge every time, so the balance leads do have to be plugged in - in fact on a  'balance charge' the charger will shout at you if they're not plugged in  ;)

A balance charge does take a little longer which is why some people only balance occasionally. All that really matters is that no lipo cells are ever over-charged - and a balance charge ensures this doesnt happen. Equally, in use you should never over-discharge lipo cells - if you use only say 3/4 of their capacity they will last longer and of course will charge quicker (since you're starting from 1/4 full!)


I will add that with Lipos -

They don't particularly like cold weather, in so much they will give a better output if slightly warm, (don't we all).

They shouldn't be stored fully charged for a long period, (say a couple of weeks and more). Most charges had a 'storage setting' which can be useful if a Lipo is not being used. Left full charged can reduce the life of a Lipo.

I personally never charge more than 1C, (i.e. the same charge rate as the Lipo's mA rating).

As Phil mentioned about the balancing plug, it's worth plugging it in even if you are not balance charging, as many chargers will still show what each individual cell voltage is. Worth keeping an eye on.

And the usual one - Lipos can be very dangers, (so can sharp knives, soldering irons, cars, petrol  etc etc), so do use common sense when handling them, you shouldn't really leave them when on charge, be very very careful of shorting the connectors together, that and overheating are the major dangers.
Ray in Neath, South Wales, UK