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Seagull Ka-8 Help

Started by RobtArm, January 16, 2015, 13:11:42 pm

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Bought a Seagull Ka-8 secondhand. Would appreciate some advice ;

- Is the CofG given in the build manual correct?
- Any particular trim quirks?
- Are 3kg torque servos man enough on the air brakes?

Thanks in anticipation


I haven't got one (I have the Pilatus), but a friend has and based on his and my Pilatus (which has very similar airbrakes)

- C of G as per manual is fine (don't go back to begin with)
- No particular trim quirks (no trim changes when brakes applied)
- 3kg servos are fine, but the original linkage is a pain to set up, so you might change it

It's also a good introduction into aerotowing if you are so inclinded, it tows very well, but we replaced the standard tow release with the Multiplex type.


January 16, 2015, 14:30:39 pm #2 Last Edit: January 16, 2015, 14:35:08 pm by selleri
Well regarding the CG...   :''

Seriously though I modded one a few years back putting and engine in the nose.
- Yes, the stock location is flyable but I ended up moving it forward a bit(plus changing the tail incidence).
- No, but I raised the front of the tailplane a bit, ~3mm, to get rid of elevator trim.
- Yes, I'm using 3kg servos on my 33% Ka3 brakes and they are quite a lot bigger than this Ka8 air brakes.
Sverrir  - Icelandic Volcano Yeti - RCMF Tech Team