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Pat Teaklel HP18

Started by heffone, October 21, 2014, 11:58:33 am

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I have always wanted a scale glider but they have  always out of my reach .luckily for me I have been given a part built Pat Teaklel HP18 as long as I get can get it  the air.
So has any one got one? I have so many silly questions to ask: like does the wing have to be glassed over mine have only iron film over the veneer .should I remove the spoilers and add the scale flaps and so much more.
If anyone can help  or has pictures please post


I'm currently refurbishing my 25+ year old PT HP18, I built mine with the scale flaps as that was in the instructions at the time and was easier than fitting spoilers that long ago. With crow braking this works well for landing, I also did my ailerons to scale size and while it's fine for general flying the roll rate isn't enough to do a full roll without loosing too much height. I may set mine up when refurbished to mix some flap into the ailerons.

Other mods I'm doing in the refurb are to fit micro servos in the wings rather than cables back to servos in the fuselage.

Mine has glassed wings and apart from the paint needing a respary it's stood up well, but i have a 4m discus with film covered foam veener wings (and airbrakes!) and they are plenty strong enough. Film will also be lighter.


If the spoilers are in good order why remove them? Fit flaps too. Have a six servo wing. As long as you have the radio capability it shouldn't be a problem.
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Thanks chaps air brakes and flaps I think .Got the going on the retract doors last night.  Radio install next got any pictures?  :)