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Aerotow releases

Started by Darkstar56, June 02, 2014, 16:34:22 pm

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What are the various options for aerotow releases?

I have seen the details of the Multiplex one but have not found any details on alternatives.

I want to fit it to a 3.5m semiscale glider which will have an electric motor up front so would want this to work from some other point. Just to try aerotow.

All help much appreciated

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Hi Max, if there is enough room below or just aft of the motor use the slot and pin method. Cut a slot as near to the nose as you can and inside bridging the slot epoxy a small bore brass tube which will take a piano wire from the release servo, hope you can make sense of that. Ant.


I use the Multiplex ones in the nose of my 3m and 4m gliders and they work very well, but i've just bought a Parkzone Ka8 and fitted the E Flite servoless release seems to work really well and is designed to work on the underside of the fuselage. The Ka8 is very light though so I'm not sure if it would handle the weight of your glider, but might be worth checking out.


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